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    Hello and welcome to our website. We are a small town volunteer department in Greenwood county in South Carolina. We have 22 members that provide service to approx. 2,400 citizens in the town and surrounding county. Our coverage area is over a radius of approx. 8 miles and that gives us around 150 calls per year.

    At this time we currently have 4 units. We have two engines, one tanker, and one rescue/service truck. Please visit our trucks page for a look at our equipment.

    We also have a First Responder program and we respond to back-up Greenwood Co. EMS. We average approx. 75-100 calls per year out of the 150 total that we run. We currently have two EMT-P's, one EMT-I, one EMT-B, and six first responders. We have a fully equipped BLS first response truck that also includes a complete Jaws of Life and Air bags. For more on this program, please visit our first responder page.

For questions or comments, please e-mail us at: or

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